“Missionaries To America”
The Mission


And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! – Romans 10:15


Through the ministry of The Reflectsons the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented. Prior to each and every service, hours of preparation are invested. In addition to travel time we have committed ourselves to allotting adequate time for setting up equipment, carefully analyzing and adjusting the equipment, preparing ourselves to be presentable and professional, and last, but most importantly, spending time in devotion and prayer to seek God’s direction for the service at hand.


Lasting Investment


As you consider how you plan to invest your contribution dollars, would you please pray about being a monthly part of the support of this ministry? Even with the love offerings received at each service and the proceeds collected from product sales, we are limited in meeting the financial needs of this ministry. Many needs have to be placed on waiting lists and some of them are never filled.


Faithful To The Call


The Reflectsons have been working in the ministry on a love offering basis for nearly three decades. It is our intention to continue the ministry in the same manner. Each member of the group serves on a volunteer, non compensated basis. We are available and travel 48 weekends per year. A normal year of service usually averages approximately 100 services.  This unique type of ministry requires many miles of travel each weekend, many late nights without proper sleep, and many personal sacrifices on the part of each group member and their family.


Not Without Cost


Over the past few years the cost of fuel has nearly doubled. The cost of meals has increased considerably. These two items, along with our other monthly ministry financial obligations, create a substantial monthly budget. This ministry is responsible to pay all bus travel expenses, meal expenses, performing clothing expenses, if needed lodging expenses, equipment for performance expenses, all group related insurance, rentals, dues, advertising promotion costs, and maintenance and service costs for bus, etc.


Still By Faith


We are very thankful for each opportunity that we have to serve in a service no matter how large or small the congregation. Many ministries similar to ours have started requiring a base fee plus a love offering for their services. While we are not criticizing other ministries, we do not feel that this system would be right for us.


Mission Support


If you are a pastor and your church desires to support us as a home mission’s project, please let us know as we have special certificates of recognition for your church. If you are an individual that would like to support this ministry we welcome you also.




If you have any questions about this ministry please feel free to contact us. The Reflectsons, Manager Dale Thigpen, Phone (352) 463-2481 or write to 10800 SE 25th Avenue, Trenton, FL 32693 or email office@reflectsons.com


Keeping It In The Ministry


We look forward to having you as a vital part of this ministries booster program. All proceeds given to this ministry are used to provide for this ministry. No salaries or administrative expenses are taken. All services of the members of The Reflectsons are volunteered with no monetary compensation.


…if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth; that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, …Amen. – 1 Peter 4:11



“in the 21 years that they have traveled as a group, The Reflectsons have ministered at First Assembly of God in Sebring, Florida more times than and other individual or ministry group. without exception their ministry has always blessed our church family. They are more than a singing group, everything they do is directed to ministry and touching the lives of those who hear them. They are an easy group to work with, making no demands and few requests of the places they minister. Once they are with us, the question is never ‘will we have them back with us’ but ‘when can we have them with us again.”’

Pastor Wilmont McCrary

First Assembly of God

Sebring, Florida

“The Reflectsons are one of the best all-around gospel groups today. I especially appreciate the way they minister to my people at Central Baptist Church. I have called on Bro. Dale and his group many times and they are always ready to come…….”These folks are for real for Jesus.”

Pastor David Downing

Central Baptist Church

Cross City, Florida

“New Hope Worship has been blessed many times with this great ministry. I say, Ministry, because that best describes The Reflectsons. Anointed, Called, and Equipped are other descriptive words that could be used. My wife and I, along with the folks of our congregation feel they are very worthy of our monthly financial support as they fulfill God’s mission for their ministry. I would encourage you to join with The Reflectsons.”

Pastor Jim Creel

New Hope Worship Center

Plant City, Florida

“As a Untied Methodist Pastor, I have seen firsthand the ministry of Rev. Dale Thigpen and The Reflectsons. My congregation was uplifted and encouraged. They have been ministering for over 21 years. Your gifts will enable The Reflectsons to minister to people….”

Pastor Rob Doran

Otter Creek First United Methodist

Otter Creek, Florida

“As a former member, and as pastor to  one of the group members, I believe in their ministry. This group ministers to people everywhere they go. I support their Mission to America effort and would encourage other mission minded Christians to support them as well.”

Pastor Dale Thigpen, Jr.

Bell Church of God

Bell, Florida