About Us:

After nearly three decades in the Gospel Music arena, The Reflectsons are still continuing their heritage in a rich repertoire of modern Progressive Southern Gospel Music. From their obscure beginning, this group has become known as one of Florida’s leading Gospel ministries. Although their beginning was small and simple, the years have brought about new developments and opportunities that have developed into what this group is best known for today. Over the years, group founder Dale Thigpen has become known as an effective and talented songwriter. Each member of the group regularly contributes to the development and arrangements of new songs as they are added to the performance repertoire and recording releases. Combined, this group has produced, recorded and performed more than 50 of their original compositions. Each of these compositions presents an exciting, entertaining and concise Gospel message. Many of their songs have been recorded and performed by many other Gospel artists.
The Reflectsons enjoy many opportunities to perform with some of the top names in Gospel Music. Reviews have stated that this group’s performance is worthy to be presented along with any of today’s artist. While audiences of all ages relate well to their performance and enjoy a balance of music, ministry, vocal harmonies, testimonies and humor, the groups motive for all activity is ministry. In an auditorium or a church, an audience who attends a Reflectsons performance is sure to receive a presentation that makes for a good Christian experience.
Today, The Reflectsons are comprised of original founder and member, Dale Thigpen, manager, emcee, song writer and lead vocalist; Keith Aldridge, baritone vocalist; Pam Renew, alto vocalist; Bruce Renew, sound technician, musician & bus driver. Together these four present a three-part harmony along with lively accompaniment.
The group is available for booking approximately 48 weekends each year. They travel in a 45’ self-contained tour-style bus. Each group member maintains full time employment in addition to their singing tour schedule. The Reflectsons is a ministry. Each group member takes their ministry very seriously. Each Reflectsons member serves on a volunteer basis with no financial compensation. Ministry expenses are raised through freewill offerings received at concerts, the sale of CD’s and other Christian merchandise and through partners who support the group financially.
The Reflectsons may be booked for churches, civic organizations, concerts, fairgrounds, special events, etc. by contacting Dale at (352) 463-2481 or email to office@reflectsons.com. Log on to www.reflectsons.com to view photos, tour schedule and hear sound clips.